Let’s just be honest, not everyone is a “super dedicated, enthusiastic, gym freak, perfect dieter” kind of person.

Some people just THINK good, and just because we are good thinkers that doesn’t mean we will do according to what we think. Maybe we are just ‘good thinkers’ who like to share the idea of healthy eating with other people.

Still, our potential to procrastinate won’t deny the fact that healthy eating is beneficial. Those bitter vegetables might be ugly-looking for you to eat but those things are just amazing for your body.

In order to encourage you to eat healthy, here are eight tricks to fool your mind and taste buds:

  1. Suck the blood out of them; make a smoothie

This is the easiest way to trick your taste buds. Some people just hate vegetables but dream of being a vegetarian, eating those vegetables as a whole might be a different task for them. For instance, spinach isn’t a much-loved vegetable but when it’s mixed with blueberry, the end result is a beautiful, delicious and healthy spinach-blueberry smoothie.

  1. 2. Hide those ugly vegetables into good-looking food

Another awesome way to trick your taste buds is by hiding those bitter vegetables into awesome food. Broccoli might be a nightmare for your taste buds but when it’s hidden under delicious spaghetti, the nightmare becomes a dream.


  1. Side chick cucumber; use them as a side dish

Not just mashed potatoes, other vegetables keep the potential to be your side dish. You can make a simple Korean cucumber salad and fascinate your guests and yourself with simplicity and intelligence.

  1. Use them for garnishing

The main reason here is the intake of healthy vegetables and garnishing your dish with these vegetables will fulfill your body’s demand.

You’re welcome.

  1. Wrap them with meat (if you aren’t a vegetarian)

Kale, when presented alone, becomes the reason behind your taste buds’ suicide. So here’s our awesome trick, wrap those tasteless vegies with blessing, we mean beef. Check out this easy recipe for ginger beef with kale:

Ginger Beef and Kale by Martha Stewart

  1. Eat them with your favourite fruit

It’s pretty easy, chop those bitter veggies and slice your favourite fruit. Mix them up in a bowl and eat them together. It will be impossible for your taste buds to identify the difference.

  1. Fry them

This is another amazing technique. By frying the veggies, you can lessen their bitter taste. Add the right amount of spices and you have one amazing dish to eat.

  1. Bake that bitterness into amazing things

Yes, you can make vegetable cupcakes and muffins. If you’re still wondering how to check out this simple and amazing recipe of asparagus muffins.

Parmesan Asparagus Muffins

  1. Use them in sauces

If you want, you can bless you taste buds with this! This amazing technique will turn your ordinary and pre-rejected vegetable into a dish you would dip your soul and fingers into.

  1. Just eat them!

Last but not the least, eat them! We understand that it must be difficult to swallow them at first but a little self-convincing and motivation will help. After all, these veggies are extra beneficial and effective when eaten raw.