Fast Food Items

When we talk about fast food, items that usually pop up in our minds are burgers, pizza, french fries, nuggets, fried chicken with hot dips and many more. But fast food doesn’t necessarily have to be these items. List of fast food items varies from region to region.


When we look at the definition of fast food, any food that is served as a quick meal, prepared easily and can be taken away is called fast food. In the case of Pakistan and specifically Karachi, there are many other fast food items other than burgers and pizzas. Street food also counts as fast food because people here in Karachi love eating roadside food from stalls, mini bakeries and carts locally called thella, to treat their hunger.


Well, there is a big list of mouth-watering street food of Karachi but some famous local fast foods are chaat, samosa, gol gappay, kulfi, masala fries, chutney roll, shawarma, bun kebab, gola ganda, chai paratha, kachori and pakoras.


In this blog, we have discussed the 8 best fast food items in Karachi that you must tantalize your taste buds with.

1- Burgers

Karachi is a melting pot of many food styles and cuisine and there has been a lot of fusion going on in food. Typically, burgers have had the most fusion in Karachi. A burger is one of the largest consumed fast food items all over the world. Burger points are everywhere around and different types of burgers are available in K-town. This specific item is available in every kind of eatery. You will find burgers with egg, beef, chicken and zinger patties served with drink and sidelines. Mostly medium-range burgers are a fusion of local and international style burgers like Hot n Spicy. While local burger joints like Chicago burger, Burger Lab, Oh My Grill, Pantry, and Moos n Clucks are offering international style succulent burgers.

2- Bun kebab

Bun kebabs were the real king of fast food in Karachi before burgers came in and stole the spotlight. But still people crave for bun kebabs and it has its own unique taste which burgers can’t beat. Bun kebab stalls are around every street corner. Soft crispy bun kebab served hot with chutney just makes you crave for more. Try some of the best bun kebabs at nursery and burns road in Karachi.

3- Pizza

Pizza is something you can’t say no to. Pizza places are doing really well in Karachi because karachiites love pizza regardless of not knowing how authentic Italian pizza tastes like. Pizza alone best fulfils midnight cravings. Long cheese string with, cheesy crust, flavoursome sauce and toppings just make you happy and pizza is easy on the pocket. Best pizzas in Karachi are available at Broadway, 14th street pizza, Pizza Hut, California pizza, Pizza Max, Bella Vita and Dominos pizza.

4- Chaat & Gol Gappay

Authentic Karachi fast food list remains incomplete without chaat and golgappas. These savoury treats of Karachi are traditional items that have their own distinct taste and are available at every street chaat corner and food carts. Whether is a plate of spicy chana chaat, mix chaat, creamy fruit chat, gol gappas or dahi puri. It’s very easy on the pocket and super tasty. Best golgappas and chat are available at Manpasand at Maskan roundabout, chatkharay, Fresco, chachajee and shams chaat house.

5- Gola Ganda and Kulfi

Gola ganda and kulfi are chilled sweet treats sent from heaven. On an intensely hot day, a cup of gola ganda or milky kulfi is the best thing to chill with. These two things remind of school days and how we used to rush to cart of gola ganda or uncle who brought kulfi on cycle. Dhoraji has some best gola ganda, faluda and kulfi in k-town. These are incredibly refreshing.

6- French Fries

Fries is everyone’s absolute favourite. They have the power to uplift your gloomy mood anytime. From street corner fries stalls to cafes and fast food restaurants, fries are available everywhere. Be it cheese fries, masala fries, pizza fries, plain fries, mayo fries, fries loaded with sauce and meat are perfect to munch on any time. Improvise it or add varieties but it can’t beat the taste of Rs.30 ones available at Pathan’s fries stall. Knowing these are greasy and fattening but having once or twice a month is not a bad deal.

7- Shawarma

In the last few years, this specific item has got into every food street of Karachi. You will find a shawarma stall in every urban area. Originally shawarma is a middle eastern speciality, but karachiites have added their own touch to it. Juicy tender meat with veggies and different spicy sauces wrapped up in a loaf or pita bread, stacked like a roll can easily satiate your hunger.

8- Sandwich

A sandwich is another great quick snack. A great variety of sandwiches is being served in different restaurants and cafes of Karachi. These keep you full, are easy on the pocket and super tasty. Almost every cafe has got their version of the sandwich. Also, these go well with diet too if the option of bread is there. Many eateries are offering diet-friendly sandwiches. Mac n cheese sandwich, club sandwich, grilled chicken sandwich and egg cheese sandwich are some of the best sandwiches. Hoagies, Espresso, Slamwich, Kaybees, Subway and Toosoo have the best sandwiches and wraps in Karachi.


The list continues but these are a few of the best fast food items. There is much more food to explore in the streets of Karachi.