Are you an adventurous eater or do you eat just for the sake of it? Either way living in Karachi when one is asked about the most underrated or the most unpopular food trends in the city, everyone is full of opinions. Because food is that one thing after Cricket, about which every Pakistani is pretty well equipped with knowledge and opinion. Every season begins here with a multitude of food trends as the culinary scene in city changes. These trends can be as weird as ram testicle kebabs and as perfect as a hot savory plate of Mandi. (Just writing about it makes me want to have some right now).

And just like every year, 2018 has brought along some essentially new gourmet foods along that has people wanting to chunk on them all day, every day. People do not only want their food to be tasty but also instragrammable and snapchattable.

Here’s our rundown on 5 food trends in Karachi that are a little underrated and deserve more attention.

  1. Mandi

Mandi originates from Yemen as their traditional dish which is made up of meat, rice and spices. Actually, to be more precise, it is a gigantic plate of happiness which is full of flavors. People in Karachi have just begun giving it the due importance it deserves. The best place to devour this happiness is ‘Ridan House of Mandi’. They have the best Mandi in town topped with an uplifted ambiance.

  1. Thaali Traditions
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Thaali tradition is that one tradition in food that is still lingering in the race of best food trends but it deserves more than it is given. From street corner thelay walas to well established restaurants, this tradition is still kicking and breathing everywhere. Nothing can beat the feels that you get while having certain portions of varying traditional dishes all rolled into one metallic tray. This is just an out-of-the-world experience. Best thaalis in Karachi? CHACHAJEE HANDSDOWN!!

3. Momos

The Terrace Kitchen

Momos or magic potions? Whatever you name it! Those minute dumplings stuffed with the scrumptious fillings of chicken or mutton, veggies, cheese and absolutely drool creating flavors are nothing less than a magic potion. But while every city has their own mom vendors, our favorite in Karachi has to be ‘Dumpling’s’ – THE KING IN THE MOMO MAKING GAME!!

4. Doner Kebabs

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While EU is still fighting its battle to get back the Doner Kebabs from the verge of being banned, we cannot even imagine them being prohibited in Karachi. The brightly lit kebabs made out of a chunk of beige meat and topped with a tangy flavorsome sauce and salad are one of the finest food items that have been introduced to the world and we cannot thank God enough for that. The best provider of Doner Kebabs in Karachi is ‘Berlin Doner and Gyro’.